Monday, May 14, 2007

Adventures with Camilla part 2

So, to catch up on the past few days. We were going to go to kjerag (this rock stuck between two other rocks...kind of like hanging rock, for those of you that have been to Salida) but there was too much snow and they had the road closed...but there was this beautiful waterfall off the side of the road (one of about 500 that I've seen so far) and so we decided to take the time we had and climb it..

We climbed up most of it in the actual waterfall...the parts that werent too slippery that was pretty much just a chute of rock that had been worn down by the water...if we were a bit stupider, we could have just slid straight down the waterfall...but reason prevailed.

On the way back we stopped to play in the snow. My socks were all wet from the waterfall, so I just had my boots on when I stepped about thigh high into a snow bank...that was exciting to say the least.

The next day we climbed a hill overlooking both Sandes and Stavanger. So beautiful, and to think that there is so much wilderness so close at hand.

Then we went to a friend of Camilla's family cabin. Beautiful surroundings and we watched the Eurovision Song Contest finals. I was pulling for the guys with the mirrored stars on the tops of their hats and the metallic silver shorts from the Ukraine, but they got second :( Then while we were sitting around the next mornign we talked the other girls into going camping with us. It was about 3 pm at this point and by the time we were actually starting off, it was about 10:30...Fortunatly, this is Norway and it was still light out for a bit. By the time we got to a campsite, it was getting pretty dark and it took us a bit to figure out the tent, but luckily we did as it started raining soon after. By the time we hiked out this morning, the trail was more of a waterfall than a trail. the waterfall that is there all the time was spectacular. Its called MÃ¥nafossen which translates to moon waterfall...

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Fields of Our Hearts said...


i think the last photo is my favorite.

looks like camilla is a good tour guide.

hugs for both of you, miss you, anna