Saturday, August 25, 2007

long awaited

So here are the pictures from Wales...Finally...I know, I'm lame for taking so long and ignoring your need for connection.

Typical Welsh country road...totally narrow, high walled, short, not the best place for walking.

Sheep...not that there were too many of those around...

Caernarfon Castle. Where the "Prince of Wales" is handed not to dig too deeply into the politics of that one.

An island with a cemetery and a VERY small church. Called, oddly enough, Church island.

The most I ever saw of was pretty much socked in the whole time I was there.

I know, not too many pictures, but hey, its been 2 months....I will leave you with this though:
No, Im not making that up...its the name of a nearby town...Welsh is an amazing language...

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