Thursday, June 7, 2007


So, sadly I have left the Troxels, but happily I have joined Stasia in Wales...Just barely. A word of warning to those that might enter the UK...have the address that you will be at during your visit on hand, or at least know enough of an address to make something up. I almost had to cry to get in as I didnt have either of those. We wandered around the city today, saw a beautiful church, loads of sheep, country lanes, the university, the ocean, about 20 thrift stores, could have seen Prince Charles. Quite lovely. And Ive already started to pick up a Welsh accent...which mixes well with my 10 or so Norwegian phrases...Tomorrow I'll figure out the picture thing and post some sheep.

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kristino said...

hey, we miss you loads. are ya home yet? got some very cool things to tell you, check your email! luv, k