Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kultur natta

There is this thing in Kristiansand where once a year all the artists come out and everyone does their thing, whether its dance or music or painting or juggling. We biked up this hill (my legs are still sore) and attempted to learn how to juggle.
The girl there is Tylene who is from Washington state and is helping Mike set up the Cafe. The man that looks like he might actually be able to juggle was our very patient teacher. All in all, not very successful, but quite fun. Then we rode around town, watched verious musical acts, ate some really good food and went to the art museum. Today we went to a circus school and the kids tried out juggling and walking on stilts and plate spinning and a bunch of other stuff...

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Fields of Our Hearts said...

wow. cb is such a handsome young man! thanks for posting so much, it really feels like i'm there with you in a tiny beautifully heartbreaking way. love you and still miss you and your contacts are in the mail today.

xo, a.