Sunday, April 22, 2007


We woke up late today and drove out to Kristen's folks for lunch and a hike around the sticks. Apparently the area that they are in was considered hickville until recently...kind of funny, because it was amazingly beautiful and reminded me a lot of Colorado, apart from the signs in Norweigian...Maybe that was their secret...have everyone consider the area full of hicks so that they could keep it to themselves...that's what Colorado did wrong, it got too cool and now its full of Texans and Californians and millions of houses...

To get back and forth accross the river we took one of those old suspension bridges that is *very* swingy. Fun, but in that way that makes you wonder when the last time they replaced the rather old looking boards was and just how cold *is* that water?

Drew, this is one of those barns I was talking about...they just drive the hay in and out rather than using a hoist...a little bit easier when you are building into the side of a hill...but still, kind of neat.

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HoodOrnament said...

Clearly, the real solution is for Colorado to translate all their signs into Norweigian.

Glad you're having fun!